Emotional Wellness

Your Childs Journey To Emotional Wellness Begins Here ...

A Complete Guide That Will Empower Your Child With The Most Important Life Skills.

One of the most important skill for the success of a child  in life is not IQ (mental intelligence), neither is it PQ (Physical Intelligence). 


Children with sound emotional health have been found to perform better in school, grow up to become better adults, and ultimately become more successful than their peers who have poor emotional intelligence. 

The Life Kits are a complete emotional guide that empowers your kid with the most important skills to drive their success in life


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The Life Kits Improves The 5 Areas of Your Child’s Emotional Health

Interpersonal Skills Development

  • The packs come with daily challenges that encourage the children to help others and spend quality time with friends and family.
  • This helps them develop good interpersonal skills.

Develops Self Awareness

  •  The packs come with self-awareness tips that will prompt your kid to discover their real selves and not be slaves to their subconscious minds. 
  • With questions like “why am I feeling this way?” “what can I do differently?” kids will learn to become masters of their own selves.

Improves Self Esteem

  • The kits will build confidence in your kids through affirmation flashcards that assert the child’s abilities. 
  • These affirmations (which include statements like “I am intelligent, I am beautifully created, I have what it takes,” etc.) have been proven to improve a child’s self esteem and self-image.

Teaches Emotion Management

  • The kits help children identify their emotions, which allows them to easily control the effects of these emotions and the outcomes that may come as a result. 
  • The journals encourage children to pay attention to how they manage their emotions throughout the day.

Builds Emotional Competence

  • The kits come with a self-help guide that teaches kids about feelings and a journal that prompts them to identify these feelings. 
  • The journal also challenges kids to write down how they feel each day (other than just saying ‘fine’), this improves their ability to express their true emotions. 
  • To help regulate these emotions, the kit challenges children to identify ways of improving their mental state. 

There’s A Package For Every Child

TLK MIni Pack

‘Yes I Can’ Kit mini (Age 2-5)

TLK MIni Pack

Help your child achieve emotional wellness with the Life Kit Mini! This fun and engaging emotional wellness toolkit will help your child:

  • Manage emotions better,
  • Build high self-esteem,
  • Become more empathetic,
  • Learn social skills,
  • Improve relationships with others, etc.

Emotional competence is your child’s passport to success. Build that competence today with the Life Kit Mini.

Wipeable activity book with markers | emotion sticks | Virtual Self-help Guide 

‘Yes I Can’ Kit For Kids (Age 5 - 10 )

Yes I Can Kits for Kids Pack

Designed with playful and interactive graphics, Life Kits for kids will engage children in activities such that empower their emotional wellbeing. The kit helps your child become:

  • More aware of emotions
  • Emotionally strong to overcome daily triggers
  • More able to manage anger
  • More helpful to those around

80 Page Journal | Affirmation Flashcards | Self-help Guide | Fashionable Tote Bag

Yes I Can Kits for Kids Pack
Yes I Can For Teens full pack

‘Yes I Can’ Kit for Teens and Tweens (Age 11-17)

Yes I Can For Teens full pack

Teenagers require more emotional support to aid their growth. The pack will become your teen’s best pal to guide them through teenage years. The pack will:

  • Help them become more emotionally adept
  • Teach them how to manage teenage feelings and impulses
  • Improves their relationship with others
  • Encourages helpfulness in the home
  • Help them become more grateful 
  • Improve general life outlook.

80 Page Journal | Affirmation Flashcards | Self-help Guide | Fashionable Tote Bag

Digital Detox Kit (Age 8 Above)

Yes I Can Digital full pack

Help your child break free from the negative influences of the digital world. The digital detox kid will empower your child to take charge of their online presence.

  • Spend less time online
  • Establish online safety
  • How to manage emotions online
  • Online privacy

80 Page Journal | Affirmation Flashcards | Self-help Guide | Fashionable Tote Bag

Yes I Can Digital full pack

On A Budget?

‘Yes I Can’ Kit Economy Pack

Yes I Can Journal for Kids 2

The Economy Pack is a collection of Yes I Can kit that can be shared with siblings of same age bracket

80 Page Journal (3) | Affirmation Flashcards | Self-help Guide | Fashionable Tote Bag

Yes I Can Journal for Kids 2

What’s In The Pack?

Yes I can All Journals

80-Page Journal

The Journals are to be filled everyday for 80 days. They are designed to be easy to use, beautiful, and fun.

Tote Bag For Yes I Can Life Kit Brainy Educare

Fashionable Tote Bag

Every pack comes with a beautiful tote bag for carrying and keeping the items in the kit.

With varying styles, the tote bag will make your child love the kits even more!

Affirmation Flashcards

We become what we tell ourselves. Sufficient research has shown that we can improve our chances of success in life by constantly saying positive things to ourselves instead of the negative.

The packs come with beautiful affirmation flashcards for your child’s growth.

Yes I can All Self Helps

Self-help Guides

The packs contain simple guides that your child can easily understand to help them improve their emotional strength. 

This guide helps them achieve a balanced state with simple language and practical steps.

How It Looks On The Inside

Get a peek of what you are going to get…

What People Are Saying

These are wonderful for helping children work through their feelings. Great interactions for parents and children.
Grace Vyduna-Haskins
Colorado, United States
These kits are generated! The motivational cards empathize with me and encourage me! My younger brother loved the daily drawing part best, he started drawing smiley faces which is funny.

I recommend these for every kid!
Joshua Agboola
Lagos, Nigeria
These ideas are core to what education will look like in the 21st century: we must no longer be obsessed with grades or with outcomes important to the past, but must focus instead on our students’ ambitions, their emotional wellbeing and their ability to meet the challenges of the future.
Barry Cooper
Madrid, Spain


Eniola Olajobi

Having worked with children and teenagers for almost two decades as a Counselling Psychologist, her works are experienced laden and very practical. She is not only able to see from the window of a child or teenager, she is also very skilled in providing solutions that are result oriented and non-judgmental in handling childhood and teenage emotional challenges. This is her first psychological publication and she has put forward some of the most effective tools to help children and teenagers navigate their way to greatness.

Mrs O, as she is fondly called, lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria as a practicing Child/Educational Psychologist.


Most frequent questions and answers

The kits come with a self help guide that helps you find your way through the journal and to make the best of it.

Yes you can get your orders delivered right to your door irrespective of your location . 
Also, You will get your delivery between a few hours (if within Lagos), Up to 48 hours of outside Lagos, 3/4 working days for the UK, 10 working days for USA etc
Each child is expected to fill and express his/her emotions in the journal. Progress can be well-tracked if it’s only used by one person.
But now we have the economy pack. Check the next card to read more about it.

Your children would have to share most of the resources that don’t need to be filled or written on daily since there’s only one of each in the economic pack.

If you prefer them to have all individual resources still you can get two packs but we created the economic pack due to requests from parents that couldn’t afford it.

There’s a productive level scale in the journal to check progress and a periodic addiction test is available  on www.brainyeducare.com as well. 

No it’s not free, you have to pay a token for delivery and the exact cost depends on location. Otherwise our central pick up point is Surulere. 
No there isn’t. It’s a general meditation model to help children increase mindfulness (focus and attention)